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  alazyreader 838d5e1028 Three Lives is currently in a new location 2 weeks ago
  alazyreader 0503229640 Pioneer Works' bookshop appears to no longer exist at their new location 2 weeks ago
  alazyreader b63d6749b4 Books of Wonder's downtown location has moved 2 weeks ago
  alazyreader 1ed441bc31 Bankstreet books has closed 2 weeks ago
  alazyreader f61e57682d better URL for Austin Book Shop 2 weeks ago
  alazyreader a8d75e5a5e I think Ben's Books is defunct 2 months ago
  David Ashby 427929e8d1 add Karma, Bravo's, and Avoid The Day 5 months ago
  David Ashby 83a2c3be5f TASCHEN is no longer listed on their website 5 months ago
  David Ashby 73dcfc981b spoonbill appears defunct, but s & s is still around for now 5 months ago
  David Ashby 8603ef4388 printed matter has a new location 5 months ago
  David Ashby 4f10c5a621 powerhouse now has a bookstore-specific URL 5 months ago
  David Ashby 1eb4fd3353 Pioneer books is now located inside Pioneer Works 5 months ago
  David Ashby 02a332b016 add the new McNally Jackson locations 5 months ago
  David Ashby db8dd56e36 loft bookstore doesn't exist anymore (and maybe hasn't for years?) 5 months ago
  David Ashby 1ac99bd59a fix typo in kitchen arts 5 months ago
  David Ashby fb69f84b16 update kinokunya url 5 months ago
  David Ashby 09c95f0495 update idlewild; only the manhattan location has books (and it moved) 5 months ago
  David Ashby b2431094f4 update housing works url 5 months ago
  David Ashby d491e7eb8c update East Village Books url 5 months ago
  David Ashby 7e93f1b06e Lizz Young no longer has a physical location 5 months ago
  David Ashby 4ed21cad26 clic doesn't seem like much of a bookstore anymore 5 months ago
  David Ashby 5f112adbb8 correct Civil Service location (again) 5 months ago
  David Ashby ffcfbe2e81 update some URLs 5 months ago
  David Ashby 103719e4bc update Boulevard name and link 5 months ago
  David Ashby a6a202d222 update bookmarc's url 5 months ago
  David Ashby f68718008a bookbook closed in 2019: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/17/nyregion/bookbook-closes-greenwich-village.html 5 months ago
  David Ashby c1361427df book culture on columbus is gone, but there's a new one in LIC 5 months ago
  David Ashby f260989f64 Hullabaloo is now Jewel City? 5 months ago
  David Ashby a72671c2bc stories will not be reopening: https://mailchi.mp/6f2bba137150/an-ending-but-not-a-goodbye 5 months ago
  David Ashby 39b6691ba4 add aeon bookstore 1 year ago
  David Ashby 2bb3712cf0 update center for fiction location and refresh html cache 1 year ago
  David Ashby 1a9f26d3e7
remove Brazenhead Books (RIP Michael Seidenberg) 1 year ago
  David Ashby f8b1047063 add Mil Mundos 1 year ago
  David Ashby 948ee3b58f add Lit Bar and UWS Shakespeare; remove Drama Bookshop; fix Kew URL 1 year ago
  David Ashby d5a1891803 add lizzyoungbooks/cooking cocktails culture to the site 1 year ago
  David Ashby 21b9d09834 fix housing works bookstore website 2 years ago
  David Ashby 4bef96e779 update MAST address 2 years ago
  David Ashby f4a642a27d add codex books http://codexbooks.info/ 2 years ago
  David Ashby 390eebd92f McNally Jackson Williamsburg 2 years ago
  David Ashby 2be3076851 add cafe con libros 2 years ago
  David Ashby 022a5fd060 add greenlight offshoot 3 years ago
  David Ashby 7557576e39 update descriptions 3 years ago
  David Ashby 506e2a203a add Kew & Willow Books 3 years ago
  David Ashby 6fbfb4fcc0 add Books of Wonder UWS 3 years ago
  David Ashby 09221a20bb fix book cellar location 3 years ago
  David Ashby e24033a033 add westsider records 3 years ago
  David Ashby 0da2414379 Standards Manual https://standardsmanual.com/ 3 years ago
  David Ashby ac04306aee add brazenhead books (sort of) 3 years ago
  David Ashby fcfb75dc44 add Rizzoli bookstore (what an oversight!) 3 years ago
  David Ashby 2e8dd11e74 add Books Are Magic description 3 years ago