add .gmi type and update README

David Ashby 3 years ago
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Castor is a lightweight but full-featured gemini server, focused on ease of setup and use.
It uses caddy's certmagic library to generate valid TLS certificates automatically on port 80, then reuses them on port 1965 for gemini connections. Alternatively, administators can supply their own certificates.
Servers are configured using `Castorfile`s, analogous to Caddyfiles or nginx configurations. Various handlers can be defined:
- static file serving
- proxying to other applications
- hard-coded responses
Castorfiles also support client cert requirements; lists of client certificate hashes can be provided for authentication, or simply as session-management (hashes being passed off to a backend server for mapping to a user identity).

@ -219,7 +219,8 @@ func main() {
log := NewLogger(true)
err := mime.AddExtensionType(".gemini", "text/gemini")
if err != nil {
err2 := mime.AddExtensionType(".gmi", "text/gemini")
if err != nil || err2 != nil {
log.Info("Could not add text/gemini to mime-type database;", err)