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* What is this paper?
- Understanding Real-World Concurrency Bugs in Go
"Go advocates for the usage of message passing as the means of inter-thread communication and provides several new concurrency mechanisms and libraries to ease multi-threading programming. It is important to understand the implication of these new proposals and the comparison of message passing and shared memory synchronization in terms of program errors, or bugs."
- Tengfei Tu, Linhai Song, Xiaoyu Liu, and Yiying Zhang
- ASPLOS’19, April 13–17, 2019
* A Few Notes On The Slides
- Any unattributed block-quotes are from the paper
- Made using the `present` tool from the go toolchain [[]]
- (And let me tell you I am going to file some bug reports)
- Slides will be posted on my github account: [[]]
- This talk is structured after how I read papers; we start off with a dive through the history and background of the topic, then implementation of pieces of it, then digesting the conclusions.
* A Personal Note