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set publicSpreadsheetUrl in index.html to set a sheet

expects the following columns, but easily updated:

  • title
  • author
  • authorLast (used for sorting)
  • isbn-10 (not displayed)
  • isbn-13
  • format
  • genre
  • publisher
  • series
  • volume
  • year
  • coverurl
  • description
  • notes
  • signed (yes or blank)

adding books using the google books API

  1. update SHEET_ID and SHEET_NAME in index.js.
  2. follow the instructions at, and save the resulting json file to .credentials/client_secret.json.
  3. run npm install.
  4. run npm start.

the google books API is somewhat spotty; searching for a title at will sometimes pull up a book and provide the ISBN they know it by. It also doesn't have comprehensive coverage of various editions of titles, and doesn't return image URLs or format information.