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"name": "Archestratus",
"address": "160 Huron St",
"address": "164 Huron St",
"city": "Brooklyn",
"state": "NY",
"postcode": "11222",
"description": "Archestratus is a combination cookbook bookstore, café, and restaurant on Thursday evenings serving Sicilian-inspired food. A gorgeous, bright space with a wide selection of cookbooks, both new and used, as well as fiction and non-fiction on and relating to gustatory pleasure. Includes stationary, a small selection of pantry items, and a children's section.",
"lat": "40.732808",
"long": "-73.955144",
"lat": "40.73291914466089",
"long": "-73.955081286067",
"country": "USA",
"website": "https://www.archestrat.us/",
"events": "Yes",