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"name": "Catland",
"address": "987 Flushing Ave",
"address": "985 Flushing Ave",
"city": "Brooklyn",
"state": "NY",
"postcode": "11206",
"description": "New York City has an occult bookstore again, thanks to Catland. This store caters to those interested in the various schools of modern magical thought, and we're not talking about stage magic. New titles are available from various occult publishers, including imports from Europe and other hard-to-find titles, and there are also used and out-of-print resources. The store also sells candles, minerals, and other paraphenalia for the serious occultist, and has an adjacent event space for... other purposes.",
"lat": "40.70313",
"long": "-73.933208",
"lat": "40.70308451154855",
"long": "-73.9332990716122",
"country": "USA",
"website": "",
"events": "Yes",