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Prusa Connect Prometheus Exporter

Version v0.1.0 of this exporter supports the pre-4.4.0 changes to the Prusa Connect API (non-API-key version).

Current master branch supports the new, 4.4.0-beta2 release of Prusa Connect as well as the older API.


./prusa-connect-exporter -h

  • apikey Prusa Connect API key (see Main Menu -> Settings -> Network on the printer). If no key is provided, exporter assumes the older API layout when querying the printer.
  • hostname Hostname the Prusa Connect API is available at (assumes http) (default "localhost")
  • interval How often, in seconds, to query the API (default 2)
  • path Local path to export metrics on (default "metrics")
  • port Local port to export metrics on (default "2112")