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A simple measure of software dependency freshness. It is a single number telling you how up-to-date your dependencies are.


libyear only supports projects using go modules. It ignores dependencies that are replaced in a go.mod file.

-h: usage help text

-q: quiet mode; reduce logging and output only dependencies that are not at their latest version

-v: verbose mode; output diagnostic information

-indirect: include dependencies marked // indirect in go.mod in the calculation (excluded by default)

Example output

When run in a directory that contains a go.mod file:

$ libyear 1.03 year(s) (current: v0.8.1, newest: v0.9.1) 1.51 year(s) (current: v1.4.0, newest: v1.7.0) 0.00 year(s) (up to date: v1.7.0) 0.00 year(s) (up to date: v1.6.0) 2.01 year(s) (current: v2.2.2, newest: v2.4.0)
total libyear count: 4.55 year(s)


J. Cox, E. Bouwers, M. van Eekelen and J. Visser, Measuring Dependency Freshness in Software Systems. In Proceedings of the 37th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2015), May 2015